Just as the kitchen needs to be equipped with a range hood, the repair workshop of an automobile maintenance enterprise also needs to be equipped with an exhaust device.

The automobile exhaust extraction system / Vehicle exhaust extraction system is to connect the connecting pipe of the automobile exhaust system to the automobile exhaust pipe, uniformly collect, filter and purify the exhaust gas generated in the process of vehicle maintenance, and then exhaust outdoors, so as to effectively reduce the particulate matter and odor of automobile exhaust, protect the health of operators and control the pollution to the atmosphere.

The exhaust gas reaches the high-temperature resistant rubber suction nozzle through the exhaust pipe, then reaches the aluminum alloy main pipe, then passes through the exhaust fan to the PVC pipe, and finally passes through the environmental protection treatment cabinet (including filter cotton and activated carbon) to realize automobile exhaust emission through the exhaust fan.

1. How many types of Vehicle exhaust extraction system AA4C has ?

Automobile exhaust extraction system / Vehicle exhaust extraction system can be divided into four types: slide rail type, drum type, single end pipe or dual end pipe type and buried type. Automobile exhaust system is widely used not only in the repair workshop of automobile maintenance enterprises, but also in automobile manufacturing, testing laboratory and environmental protection departments

2. What’s the necessary info for AA4C quote you the Vehicle exhaust extraction system ?

When you buy  Vehicle exhaust extraction system, pls fill following Questionnaire Before AA4C Quotation to work more effectively.   

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