Prep station AA-PPS700B

  • AA-PPS700B




◆Outside dimension:  L7550*W3550*H3150mm
◆Inside dimension:   L6300*W3450*H2700mm
◆Plenum dimension:  L6400*W3550*H450mm
◆Basement:  without basement and floor
◆Illumination system:   ceiling light:36W*4*8units=32pcs;power:1.15KW
◆Glass:  tempered glass
◆Air ventilation system: 1)  5.5kw one set inner motor centrifugal fan with air volume 15400m3/h
                                    2)  generator cabin dimension:L3500*W1200*H1850mm
                                    3)  electric damper to control the air inlet and outlet volume
◆Cabin system:   1)  air intake plenum is made of cold-rolled sheets 
                           2)  Ceiling boards are made of galvanized steel sheets 
                           3)  PVC manual curtains around the sides and slipping on the aluminum alloy rails 
                           4)  50mm EPS panels at the back wall
◆Generator system:   rear exhaust;square tube frame;power coated
◆Heat system: without
◆Filtration system:  primary filter;ceiling filter;glass fiber filter
◆Control system:  controls fan, electric damper, and illumination only
◆Installation way:  sling hoist or square tube support
◆Voltage frequency:  380V/3P or 220V/1P, 50Hz
◆Total power:  7KW

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