AA-5VF 5 Brushes roll-over car washing machine

  • AA-5VF 5 Brushes roll-over car washing machine
  • AA-5VF 5 Brushes roll-over car washing machine


Applicable models

Various types of car or van

Car wash size

5500mm (length) × 2200mm (width) × 2000mm (height)

Machine size


Mounting dimensions


The amount of water consumption


Washing time

Scrub 150 seconds + 120 seconds to dry

battery capacity

AC380V three-phase four-wire 18KW

AC380V three-phase four-wire 18KW

Dried Configuration

Strong profiling drying system, 12KW

The way to wash

Ground track gantry reciprocating machine interface operating system

Manufacturing materials

Frame: structural parts galvanized rust. Panel: galvanized or spray paint


High pressure pumps (joint venture brands)

Waterproof motor

Italy SITI (West Timor)

Electrical Configuration

Imports of Japan's Mitsubishi, Japan's Omron, France Schneider, Taiwan Ya Deke, Turck Germany, the United States Bonner
Contacts relay transformer leakage switch electrode comprehensive protection and proximity sensors photoelectric converter PLC touch screen computer failure safety device alarm detection computer body count automatic detection photoelectric sensor positioning system pressure washing brush precisely regulated electronic system-wide computer integrated control system

Machine configuration

Brush top side of a large group of two small brush brush two side copying drying system built-in automatic matching wax coating systems built-in automatic color matching magic foam system

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